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Our History

"Angelo's™, a landmark on Federal Hill"


In 1924, Angelo's Civita Farnese Restaurant opened its doors on Atwells Avenue. Farnese is a tiny town located 60 miles northwest of Rome (central Italy) and the name reflected the style of Italian cooking the new settlers to Federal Hill could expect inside. Angelo’s was the "workingman's" restaurant, a restaurant without frills serving simple, delicious food made from village recipes. Each dish was hearty and substantial, never expensive, and the restaurant possessed an ambiance that was and still is, unique.


A place where the food is known to be plentiful and the prices affordable, Angelo's has had history's help in establishing itself as a landmark in Rhode Island. The humble restaurant survived the Great Depression. That's when Angelo's tradition of serving french fries with meatballs began, offering an inexpensive way for patrons to have a full stomach, all the while not emptying their wallets.


When the founder Angelo Mastrodicasa retired in 1954, his daughters took over and, in 1965, moved the restaurant for its third, and final, time to its current location at 141 Atwells Avenue. In 1988, the family business was handed over to nephew, Bob Antignano, his wife Lee, and their two daughters, Cindy and Jamie. With the Antignano family at the helm, the same spirit of generosity lives on at Angelo’s, as thick and plentiful as the tomato sauce, which is still made fresh every morning.


"Angelo's™ is the real thing"


In 2006, Antignano renovated Angelo's, bringing the restaurant back to its traditional past and continuing the welcoming tradition for a new generation. Doubling in size, the dining room features light walls, dark wood wainscoting, dark-cushioned high-back booths, and a black-and-white checkerboard floor. A completely new lounge space, with new wine racks for an ever-growing list of interesting Italian wines, complements the dining area.


Even after 100 years the hearty comfort remains the same. Throughout the changes, Angelo's commitment to fresh ingredients and a family-friendly atmosphere has never wavered. The original community tables are still here, as is the 125 feet of solid brass track on which runs the full scale L.G.B. train from Germany. As it has since 1996, a quarter will send the train traveling around the dining room ceiling. One hundred percent of all donations benefit children's charities in Rhode Island, totaling more than $40,000 to date.


"If it's Angelo's™, it must be delicious"


Diners in the know will tell you that Angelo's is one of the most genuine restaurants in the state, and one of the most convenient. At the foot of Federal Hill, just a few minutes walk from the Dunkin Donuts Center, the Rhode Island Convention Center, Trinity Rep, and PPAC, Angelo's is a sure bet for a pre-show or pre-game lunch or dinner.


With a menu full of fresh vegetables, fresh pasta, and fine meats, there is something for everyone at Angelo's. Whether reading over the menu at the table, or up on the menu board posted in the center of the dining room, diners will have a difficult time choosing between Italian staples such as spaghetti and meatballs, ravioli, homemade macaroni, veal and peppers, and old fashioned Italian pastine soup.


Throughout the years, Angelo's has seen the comings and goings of customers and the changing scenes of Federal Hill. While remaining true to our traditions, we’ve accommodated these changes adding vegetarian items to our menu, creating a relaxing bar and lounge and providing free valet parking in our own parking lot to facilitate guests’ visits to the often-crowded Federal Hill streets.


Year after year, Angelo's has maintained a true Italian tradition of great food, great service, and great value. Don't just take our word on it...come in and see for yourself why after more than 100 years, "Angelo's is still that kind of place."

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