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For over 94 years, Angelo’s has proudly supported a broad range of local and community causes. We receive hundreds of requests each year and have established these guidelines to help us best support the communities where we do business.


Angelo’s donates to our community through three different programs. Choo Choo Charities (our train proceeds), Angelo’s Card program, and our gift certificate program follow the same criteria outlined below. Please read through our requirements and then decide which program best suits your need.



  • Your organization must be a 501c3 nonprofit organization and demonstrate a commitment to children’s causes, families, or local community initiatives.


  • Your organization must be located in Rhode Island.


  • All requests must be sent in writing to Angelo’s Community Request, 141 Atwells Avenue, Providence, RI, 02903. Requests must include a description of the organization, how the donation will be used, what impact the donation will have on the organization, and the date the donation is needed. Contact information should include the organization’s name, address, phone number, and contact person.


  • You will be contacted if we are able to fill your request. Follow-up phone calls are not necessary.


  • Donation requests for cash will not be considered.


  • At this time, we do not contribute to political fundraisers, individuals, or third-party requests.


  • Donations are limited to one per year and may not be granted in consecutive years.


PROGRAM 1 – Angelo’s Choo Choo Charities - The monthly proceeds from Angelo’s train benefit 12 different organizations each year. The train runs on a track hanging from the ceiling of our dining room and is coin-operated (25¢ for 3 minutes). Donated amounts vary but range from $100-$250 each month.


PROGRAM 2 - Angelo’s Sponsor Level Partnerships - For large events (minimum 50 people), Angelo’s will provide you with unique business cards that can be distributed to all participants/attendees. When the card is presented at Angelo’s, 5% of the check amount, before taxes, will be donated to your organization.


There is no limit to the donation amount. The more cards that are presented, the more you receive. 


PROGRAM 3 – Angelo’s Gift Certificates - All donated gift certificates have a $10 (ten dollar) value and only one gift certificate will be donated per organization per year.


All requests must be in writing. Thank you.​


Angelo's Giving Programs

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