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      Janet and John's Entry


How did you meet your partner? 

Through a mutual friend


Where did you meet? 

Mystic, CT


When did you meet? 



Where was your first date? 

Angelo's Civita Farnese Restaurant


How is Angelo's involved in your love story? What are your favorite memories shared with us? 

My first date with my now Husband and being so nervous that I couldn't eat all the delicious food!  Sitting at the "community tables" and meeting politicians to local characters.  Bob putting black olives on my young son's fingers. Scheduling my work travel schedule around Wednesday and Fridays so I could have tripe, baked calamari, and smelts! When my son's pediatrician asked him if he eats anything green and he answered "Angelo's Greens & Broth". Being waited on by Everett! Being treated like family every time we come in.


How do you celebrate special occasions? ie. anniversaries, birthdays, etc. 

We come to Angelo's - of course!  


What about your #AngelosLoveStory makes it special? 

Angelo's is the only restaurant that I have ever eaten at in Providence!! (We live in Mystic, Connecticut)


What are your favorite dishes at Angelo's?

Baked calamari, tripe, smelts, eggplant, lasagna, chicken/veal cutlet, greens, and broth soup, aglio - homemade, meatballs and french fries....yeah, just about everything!


What do you and your #AngelosLovesStory have in store next? 

Enjoying getting to know the next generation of owners and what she has in store for our favorite restaurant! 


Congratulations Janet and John! 

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